artwork, record cover, video editing / animation  •  2012

The Glass Half, the band I formed with singer and instrumentalist Jonah Byrd, delivers a psychedelic sound collage of hip-hop, rock, jazz and brazilian music.

I collaborated with Jonah Byrd to create a unique design for this record: custom die-cut gatefold cover and inner sleeve with lyrics and illustrations. the shape of the outer sleeve forms an empty glass, and the hand-made logo comes to fill half of it. the rest of the artwork is a collage of Jonah's drawings and my Photoshop wizardry!

The music videos were created with the same sense of randomness: 'Gone far east' was shot and edited by Steve Lejeune and I added frame-by-frame animation, and 'A welcome departure' is a result of filter experiments over an inspiring skydiving video.